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Testimonial Emma e Zac

When we decided that we would like to get married in Italy we really did not know where to start. We feel so, so fortunate to have been put in contact with Rose Bonesse. We explained to Rose the type of wedding we wanted, something rustic and relaxed with a place for our friends and family to stay. The venue Rose found us was more than perfect, it was everything we could have wished for and more. We both agreed that it was fundamental to us that the organisation of the wedding would not become stressful. I remember Rose saying that it was her job to ensure that we did not feel like that, especially on the wedding day. Rose was fantastic at replying to our e-mails and made the whole process extremely smooth. Lots of people asked us how on earth we would organise a wedding in a different country. Rose explained everything that we needed to do, she checked any forms that needed to be completed and found out all of the information we needed. I can honestly say that we felt completely relaxed, calm and content on the days leading up to and including the wedding day. Feeling like that made enjoying the day from start to finish even more enjoyable and special. Although we tried to learn as much Italian as we could before the wedding day it did not quite stretch to the fine details of liaising with the photographers, hairdressers, beauticians, Mayor etc. So Rose kindly supported us and accompanied me for trials and the hairdresser and beautician, ensuring that we were happy with everything. Rose’s attention to detail was amazing, she added fantastic surprises to the wedding day, decorating the room for the ceremony with beautiful ribbon and organising exploding confetti (making for a very interesting photo!) She and Carlo worked so incredibly hard on our wedding day and dedicated themselves to ensuring it was perfect for us, even down to finding me a cushion for my chair at the reception so I was really comfortable! However they remained in the background, never demanding anything of us and always making sure that the day ran exceptionally smoothly. This is quite a feat in a country where nothing happens on time….but the beauty of Italy is everyone adopts a more relaxed attitude to time. All of our guests continue to talk about the fantastic time we all shared and quite a few (including us) are planning a return trip. The hospitality shown to us by the owner of the reception venue could never be repaid. Quite a few of the guests (children and adults) learnt how to make pasta a couple of days before the wedding at the reception venue and so this was used for one of the courses for the wedding day meal. The food and wine were exceptional and unforgettable. We ate from 6:30pm until midnight and then danced into the early hours! We had a day that far exceeded our hopes and dreams. The venue for our wedding, the reception and the people will always hold a very special place in our hearts. Rose made it all possible and we will always be grateful for such a fantastic start to our married life.

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